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"What is necessary is never unwise."
{B} eyes meet; time stops ☆

First off, welcome to my journal newbies! Be it from my new found Hetalia lurve friend meme that I participated in (srsly, how much of a win was that thing? I think it went well) or from just random friending. I welcome you all, warn you that it's cracky in here, and hope that we all become good, close creepy friends.

Any one watch the news? Who am I kidding? I'm sure a lot of you do. You all see that shit North Korea is pullin'? fufufufufu. I smell a WWIII around the corner. Time to get the allies at a rally meeting. All I can say is...slow your role, North Korea, slow your role. Now don't take me the wrong way...I don't promote war or think North Korea is bad or anything. But I DO think that manifest destiny is a BITCH and makes all power-hungry forces/govts/ppl do crazy shizz. I.E. bomb randomly just because they can. Not cool. And not going to go unnoticed. Mmk? Mmk. (I don't like to talk about politics/world things in my journal but I just couldnt' let that go untouched. I just find it LOL worthy. Srsly...just so damn hilarious).

HETALIA. I'm OBSESSED. I haven't been in the fandom for all THAT long buuuut the ppl in there are frickin' awesome, the show/manga is nothing short of fantastic, and the fanart/fics are just....mmmm. Can I get a shout-out from my USUK shippers? yeahhh boi! Canon ship is canon. ;) Lol. Still in effect, yo. Butt-buddies until the end, I'm sure.

Started Ouran. I'm liking it. Cute. Fun. Something different.

SO. Xmas is approaching. And I know that everyone is doing it so I might as well too, yes?

So I will take fic requests (as long as I'm familiar with the fandom. it's fair game. yuri, yaoi, het. have at it.). I'm not really great at graphics or icons so kinda be wary.

But anywho, enjoy.

Also, I love you hubby. <3

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(Deleted comment)

I'm really not all that concerned about North Korea.

I'm not specifically because we live in a world today where everyone is connected economically. Welcome to the 21st century pretty much lol.

It's just not profitable to go to war, and I doubt anyone would even side with them. The big major force would be China, but the logic is that we are their biggest buyer...they are too dependent on us to go against us (hell they even set the value of their money based on what the value of the dollar is so we will keep outsourcing to them...I remember reading that somewhere if I'm wrong don't hate XD). So yeah, either that shit stain that nobody likes or their biggest business partner...yeah, you see my point.

So no, no WWIII.



Omg, US/UK, I love them.

And Ouran! I normally don't like cute anime and manga, but I looooved that show. Definitely one of my favorites.

Ahhhhhh another usuk person. They're so great.

Hetalia is like alcohol. I can't go without it. It's crazy how addictive it is. ;)

Lol russia is so damn awesome in his cute front and evil plots. XD

I tried to watch Hetalia! >_< I could not fall for it. Though Italy = luv.

Ouran is win. One of the only anime series I've seen that has made me bust out laughing.

I've found hetalia is either a hit or miss. And damn did it hit me hard.

Haha ouran is adorable. I'm really impressed with it. It's terribly funny/awkward. ;)

I am afraid I never got into hetalia. Never found the time nor the willpower but heard it was awesome. : D
Ouran is very very cute. Anime's not bad either.

As for N. Korea, I will say nothing for now. >.>

Well I kept saying no to it but finally it got me pinned down and made me watch it. They're only like five mins a piece so that helps.

Ouran is definitely adorable. I love the twins.

Ehhhh I don't blame you. I don't have much to say either except....I'm watching you, nk. I'm watchin'. ;) lol. Like they're scared of me. Pssssh.

(Deleted comment)
Lol you do, in the tea cup, yes? ;D

(Deleted comment)
Huurrrdeeer, USUK is my fav ship! <33

Ohh, fanfics just in time for my birthday! I say Aihina! ... Yeah, yeah. Everyone saw it comin' a mile away. xD

Omg yessssssss USUK is freaking great. /love

Aihina? I've never done them but I'm willing to try for you! =) there a particular rating you want?


Lmao it's not wrong. I thought the same thing as I was writing this like "hrm...north korea hetalia version. Must.see." xD

(Deleted comment)
ikr? north korea are such douches. seriously. the government, anywho. They need to slow their role, slow their role.

Hetalia is the shizz. so great. i love history and stereotypes too. i find that shizz funny (although a lot of ppl get offended by it). FINLAND! Haha, he's definitely cute. He has short hair, you're right. You're half finnish?! Hot damn, that's awesome! I know a half-finnish person. Lol. I got excited. My family is mainly German but 100% American so yeah.I'm a mix of those two countries. America is so damn great.

AHAHAH that pic is too funny. The show is always making fun of england's crappy cooking. fish n chips. lol. so wrong.

I LOVE THE DAMN TWINS! /obvious cest perv is obvious.

(Deleted comment)
lolol at first I thought you were talking about Hetalia!North Korea. xD

omg you're that far into Hetalia already!? XD I'm still stuck on episode 2. I mean I would watch further, but my laptop has no sound. =_= and my dad is still getting my new netbook fixed. I don't think I would get around to watching Hetalia until after the semester ends anyway.

btw, do you know who many seasons and episodes Hetalia has? The reason why I want to watch it is because the episodes are so damn short, so I can finish these series in just one sitting (like I did for Hellsing lol) and move on to watching other animes on my "Animes to Watch" to-do list.

lol could you imagine hetalia!nk? I'm curious as to what he/she looks like.

YES! I'm on episode 32 of Hetalia II. It's just so addicting for me. idek. prolly b/c I love history and stuff like that. and the stereotypes are hilarious. italy is so cute. always waving his surrender flag. xD

Um well there's all the way up to Hetalia IV and I wanna say there' 26 eps per Hetalia 104ish? maybe less. i don't think hetalia iv is finished yet so let me check and I'll get back to ya. =)

Ugh... North Korea... idek. X_x There was something clever here about playing with needles in the sandbox but I forgot the point lol

Should I be doing this meme? Is it even a meme lol or just a HO HO HO type thing? LOL DX I fail at keeping up with things. Wait I think I might have done something like this last year lmfao ogod I don't even know what I'm talking anymore


uh on that note... I should probably go >.>

they're a pain. they just need to slow down, take a breather, buy a stress ball, and forget all this shit. Dicks. lol. Omg was that the clever saying?! The sanbox but you forgot the point in the sandbox?! Or am I just misinterpreting things?

Lol well it's not a meme per-say but it IS something xmas-y. What do you desire, btw? I shall attempt to deliver!


I hope we don't go into WW3, that would just bring down everyone across the earth.

I was suppose to be watching Hetalia, but other series got in the way. Is it as awesome as everyone says?

It would. War is a sad thing but sometimes it's necessary, ya know? North Korea has been dicking around for some time now. They at least need a reality check.

I LOVE Hetalia. BUT, it's either a hit or miss with most ppl. But if you're a history buff and find stereotypes to be funny (and don't get insulted by them), then I would say Hetalia would be something work looking into. The eps are only five minutes long a piece as well so it's a rather quick journey. =)

Awwwwww isn't Russia such a cutie? XD

Russia IS a cutie. A plotting, manipulative cutie. xD

Hello from the Friending meme! Looking forward to getting to know you!:D

North Korea is a strange, strange place.

Yay for USUK! (Hey that rhymes XD) Also, Ouran is brilliant. One of the funniest anime I've watched.:D

Hi, hi, hi! I do as well. I have a feeling it's going to be spectacular. ;D

It really, really is. They're rather...cracky (and not in a good way) over there.

asd;lfkj it DOES rhyme. It took me a min but then it clicked and I just grinned like a moron. I really like Ouran. I'm rather impressed with it. I don't usually like animes like that so I was happy that I got into it. =)


What North Korea is doin' really is the pain in the ass, I can't understand -_-. No matter what the reason is, I still don't want them to continue what they're doin' *facepalm* I feel bad whenever I talk about this topic. Christmas is going to come, and this shit happens, aghhhh

I can understand why you're obsessed with HETALIA. They're nothing but AWESOME ;)

I've been seeing news about what's happening in Korean and all I want to do is smack them and hopefully knock some sense into them. Why can't they just live in peace? DX

OMG. You're watching Ouran!!! I really love that series! Glad you're liking it! :D

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