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"You better get away, darling because everything you've heard is true. So you better runaway baby."
{P3} Staring down redemption •

I hate to do it but it must be done. Yep, flist cut. It has to happen, unfortunately. I do apologize for cutting those that are going to be let go (I feel like I'm a boss cutting his employees or something? the hell? lol) but it's something that I feel will be best for us in the long run. I enjoyed our time together but it's come to an end. I wish you all well and I hope you advance in all you do and believe. Thank you.


-->>Side note: I dropped my cell phone in sink (don't ask me  why or how I did just happened =___=;;). Thankfully I had protection on it so now I'm just waiting for it to come back. Unfortunately no cell phone for a few days (I opted out of using one of spank you, otay? that stuff just weirds me out for some reason). So please if you need to contact me, pm me or im me, plz? thankies! <<--

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