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{FFVIIAC} They were reunited ☆
HEY GUYS! Came back from my hiatus to say that I'm switching to a different journal. Why? Because I want a fresh start and such. So those who wish to be added and such, go ahead and add me.


Hope to see you all there. I'll keep this journal up for a bit to make sure those that want to re-add know I've switched accounts. So find me there!

Again, xelijahbabe07x to corrosionz~


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I'm definitely adding your new journal! See you there! <3

i hope you plan on updating, i'll add you on this journal AND theorise since i'm moving too.

Edited at 2011-10-11 01:41 pm (UTC)

Oh hubby! Why did you decide to switch journals, btw? And I will be, no worries! ;)

I'll add you on the other journal. <3

nikkiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! ♥♥ /adds you! :D

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