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"They're doin' it again! It's like Spring Break up there!!!!"
{B} eyes meet; time stops ☆
Everyone else has done this meme, so I might as well too. I stole this from mosque . =)
Reply with a fandom and I'll tell you the following:
favorite character
Least favorite character
prettiest character
character I wanna marry
favorite pairing
favorite episode
unpopular opinion

I have a question flist. Do I come off offensive? Like...I realize that I'm a bitch (only in the fact that I don't put up with none) but that's different from being offensive. Am I offensive?

Also, my sis says she's gonna pay for me to have a tattoo done for xmas. I'm gonna get the word 'believe' on my left under-wrist and 'imagine' on my right under-wrist. I'm excited.

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<3 Bleach, bb, bleach!

Get on Yahoo so I can spam you. ><

I hope I'm not. I try to be understanding/nice about a lot of things. I mean, I'm open minded as heck. Thanks bb.

Haha alright.


• favorite character: Ulquiorra Cifer
• least favorite character: Soi Fon
• Prettiest character: Aizen Sosuke
• Character I want to marry: Gin Ichimaru
• Favorite pairing: Ulquiorra Cifer / Orihime Inoue (but it's tied with Ichigo Kurosaki / Orihime Inoue)
• Favorite Episode: um episode is 272. Manga is...416, I believe.
• Unpopular opinion: I'm not very fond of Rukia. I find her a bit annoying. /shot

I would dear but I'm using my phone b/c I'm out xmas shopping and I took a break to relax with my niece. Haha. I shall try to get on tomorrow for your lovely spam. ;)

ohohoho~ i love this meme. :D code geass?

also, that sounds like it'll be a freaking amazing tattoo.

(Deleted comment)
I don't really find you offensive at all and you've yet to do anything that would make me think of you as a bitch, so I don't know where you'd get this idea. :I

Tell me your fandoms and I will pick one for you to do. XD

Your tatoos sound nice. :)

Awww cuppy, you're such a doll. I lurf you. Just...some ppl don't know how to take me, I think. /sigh

Omg soooo many :bleach, code geass, cowboy bebop, gundam00, togainu no chi, pandora hearts, junjou romantica, hetalia, toradora, vampire knight, ouran, fma, monster, death note, final fantasy series, kaze no stigma, naruto, kuroshitsuji, majin tantei nougami neuro, nabari no ou, etc. It's loooooong, lol.

Thanks bb. I'm excited to get them.

i don't think you're offensive at all. i think everyone might have off days where they might be snappish or something. or just down right bitchy... i'm prone to that one.
but i don't think you're offensive.

and ummmm, i think final fan! your choice on which series you want to do. (i'm a whore for 8 though)

Thanks love (I've missed you. how have things been?!). I just worry a little too much, I think.

Oooh well then FF8 it shall be!

{Final Fantasy 8}

• Favorite Character: Squall
• Least Favorite Character: I don't even think I have one.
• Prettiest character: Laguna
• Character I want to marry: Zell (lol...idek)
• Favorite Pairing: Squall/Rinoa
• Favorite Episode: Um favorite scene would be...the end where Squall is wandering the landscape. I like the emptiness of it all.
• Unpopular opinion: I love Seifer and the Seifer/Rinoa and Seifer/Zell pairing.

afkjlefweowon OFFENSIVE? OFFENSIVE AND SENPAI DON'T GO TOGETHER, AT ALL~ you are such a sweet sweet person.. O__0 I'm offended someone called you offensive.

♥ ♥


LOL THANK YOU BB. YOU'RE SUCH A DOLL. I LURVE YOU. I KNOW THAT YOU'RE ALWAYS THERE FOR ME. ffff. you're offended that someone took offense at my supposed offensiveness. xD almost confused myself. /blonde

♥ ♥ ♥ (I'mma upload your prezzie tmrrw....bring your barf bag. /sweatdrop)

Death note?! Okie tay! lol.

{Death Note}

• Favorite character: Light although L is in close second
• Least favorite character: Near...I mean really? He's so weird.
• Prettiest character: Ray Penbar
• Character I want to marry: I'mma say none of them. they're all crazy mofos!
• Favorite pairing: Light/Misa, I s'pose. ALthough Light/L is totes canon.
• Favorite episode: All of them, lol.
• Unpopular opinion: I don't like Ryuk. He annoys the shit outta me. /hater

Hetalia! (predictable fandom is predictable orz)

Also, if it's worth anything I have encountered lots of people who are infinitely more offensive than you are,

Totally robbing this meme btw.:D

(Deleted comment)
Lol well that's good. I hope you never do either. ;)

Well then I'll go for VII (I'm going to include Advent Children)!

{Final Fantasy VII}

• Favorite character: Kadaj
• Least Favorite Character: Aerith (I despise her)
• Prettiest character: Tifa
• Character I want to marry: Yazoo
• Favorite Pairing: Cloud/Tifa
• Favorite episode: Um I really adore the night on the town in the first game with Cloud and the girl of choice. Just cute.
• Unpopular opinion: I rejoiced when Aerith bit the dust.

(Deleted comment)
Final Fantasy Dissidia? XD

Oooh this one is good!

{Final Fantasy Dissidia}

• Favorite Character: Tidus
• Least Favorite Character: Terra /shot
• Prettiest character: Cloud
• Character I want to marry: Tidus. xD he's so great
• Favorite pairing: Squall / Cloud
• Favorite episode: I love Tidus' end scene the best.
• Unpopular opinion: should be on the regular playstation 3 console? lol idek.

Hmmmm. How about Durarara?

I don't think your offensive. You're just a strong woman. :D I thought about getting a tattoo but I'm kinda scared. It looks like it would hurt. >.

Thanks, lovebug. I just know some ppl don't know how to take the things I say and get offended. I'm glad I don't offend you, though. =) You should! What have you thought about getting?


• Favorite Character: Shizuo
• Least Favorite character: Um..I don't think I have one.
• Prettiest character: Celty
• Character I want to marry: Izaya lol
• Favorite pairing: Izaya / Namie
• Favorite Episode: I say all of the above? xD
• Unpopular opinion: I'm not too fond of Kida.

Oh I don't think you're offensive. :O

Okay fandom tiem!

How about Hetalia? XD

Thanks, love. That means a lot. Hopefully I stay that way, yes? ;)



• Favorite character: America, bitches!
• Least favorite character: I don't think I really have one. Do I haveta pick? lol
• Prettiest character: France or Japan or even Austria. He's a purdy gentleman.
• Character I want to marry: Germany or America...or Russia...Although he might kill me in my sleep, lol.
• Favorite pairing: USUK hands down. Then Germany/Italy...or Russia/America, maybe. I like Switzerland/Litchenstein and Prussia/Germany as well.
• Favorite episode: Each and every single one (mostly those with USUK all over the damn place). And PASTA! xD
• Unpopular opinion: I'm not really fond of China? I don't hate China...I'm just kind of indifferent with China. /shrug

Edited at 2010-12-05 05:52 am (UTC)

You? Offensive? Pfffftt! No.

Okay fandom...
FINAL FANTASY VII (pretty much all of them, CC...AC..DoC...the original game... xD)

LOL! You're so blunt about it. "No." hehe. that made my smile. <3

I definitely will take some once I get them. I hope they turn out okay. /worried

YESSSSSSSS! Awesome fandom. Ok!

{Final Fantasy VII Series}

╬ Favorite character: KADAJ!
╬ Least favorite character: Aerith. asd;lfkj gah can't stand her (and yet I like her with Zack).
╬ Prettiest character: Tifa
╬ Character I want to marry: Yazoo (he's so calm and pretty, haha).
╬ Favorite pairing: Cloud/Tifa or Zack/Cloud
╬ Favorite episode: Um...I really like in the original game where Cloud goes out on a night on the town with the lady of choice. it's cute.
╬ Unpopular opinion: I rejoiced (and still do) when Aerith bit the dust. >.>

I was hoping you'd pick a different one for me. You're such a wonderful hubby. =) (Btw, I was looking at that stock icon of yours and I swear...I totes could make out a face in the upper left part of the flower. I'm not drunk or high...possibly just tired).

on to the meme!

{Fullmetal Alchemist}

╬ Favorite character: Roy Mustang
╬ Least favorite character: Um...Scar?
╬ Prettiest character: Riza Hawkeye
╬ Character I want to marry: ...Roy, I s'pose. Or Maes. hehe.
╬ Favorite pairing: Roy/Riza or Ed/Winry
╬ Favorite episode: I really like the last chapter of the manga/end episode of brotherhood, but I like "Backs to the Distance" as well. I like how Ed comforts Winry. It's sweet.
╬ Unpopular opinion: I'm not a huge Envy person. Like...he annoys me really, really bad. T___T

Offensive? How rude! You are the sweetest person I've ever met >_<, you know that, don't you? Don't you believe in what they said? Oh no, you shouldn't.
Tatooes for Xmas? That's good idea, I really want to see 'em soon, may I?
Now I want to hear you tell about Fullmetal Alchemist (My big love) :D

/blush! You are too sweet! Like candy. haha. thank you. I really appreciate that. I don't think I'm that offensive but then again...if I made someone want to lash out/point something about me out, then I can't help but pay attention to it.

Yes! I shall take pics once I get them and show you all. Sound good?

{Fullmetal Alchemist}

╬ Favorite character: Roy or Edward
╬ Least favorite character: probably Scar
╬ Prettiest character: Riza or Winry...or Ed.
╬ Character I want to marry: Roy or Hughes or Havoc or...Ling.
╬ Favorite pairing: Roy/Riza, Edward/Winry, Alphonse/Mei, Ling/Lanfan...they all pretty much win!
╬ Favorite episode: the very last episode of brotherhood/the manga or episode 22 (I think) of brotherhood where Ed comforts Winry. It's so sweet.
╬ Unpopular opinion: I don't like Envy. O.o Weird right?

Oooooo how 'bout some Bebop or Ouran lol Either one XD

And pssh you are SO offensive. SO offensive I don't even notice. XP

Whoever gave you the impression you are can be shot from a cannon... which, coincidentally, would be AWESOME to watch.

/stealing meme/

Nice choices! B/c they're so nice, I shall do them both. lmao.

{Cowboy Bebop}

╬ Favorite character: Spike
╬ Least favorite character: ...I don't think I have one! O.o
╬ Prettiest character: Vicious
╬ Character I want to marry: GREN!
╬ Favorite pairing: Spike/Faye
╬ Favorite Episode: Jupiter Jazz (1&2)
╬ Unpopular opinion: I'm not really hot on Julia. >.>

{Ouran High School Host Club}

╬ Favorite character: The twins (they count as one, lol).
╬ Least favorite character: I honestly don't have one. I love them all in their own special way.
╬ Prettiest character: Mori xD Hot, silent guy is hot and silent
╬ Character I want to marry: Kyouya!
╬ Favorite pairing: I guess Tamaki/Haruhi but I really like Kyouya/Haruhi too. or the twins together. /shot
╬ Favorite episode: of right now? Episode...8? Is that right? I'm pretty sure. Whichever one where they go to the beach and Haruhi hides from the storm.
╬ Unpopular opinion: I like Tamaki but he's definitely not my favorite (although Vic is the bomb diggity!).

Lol so offensive that you've become numb to it all. xDDDD Well thanks bb. I'm glad I don't bother you any. /glomp. asd;fljk that'd be the shizz! Imagine the speed you'd get shooting out of one of those bad boys! /adrenaline junkie

YES! I'mma spam!

Offensive? Definitely NOT. Admirable? Definitely YES. :)

Naruto! <3

I love the words you chose for your tattoo btw. :D

awwwwww thank you! I'm glad I haven't offended you at all. I try to be nice. I guess some ppl just don't know how to take me.

haha thankies! I thought they were nice and mystical sounding too. ^^


╬ Favorite Character: ITACHI UCHIHA
╬ Least Favorite Character: Hinata Hyuuga (I don't hate her...I'm just not fond of her.)
╬ Prettiest character: Um...Tsunade? Or...Deidara. Oh,oh! Sasori.
╬ Character I want to marry: Kakashi. A man with a fetish for books and ninja skillz can marry me any day.
╬ Favorite pairing: Itachi/Sasuke; Naruto/Sakura
╬ Favorite episode: As of right now...the last fight of Itachi/Sasuke where Itachi....;_______________;
╬ Unpopular opinion: I like everyone in Naruto. Including Kabuto and Orochimaru. They're all great. And Neji and TenTen needs to be canon already. xDDDD

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